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Pioneer Valley Theatre News September 9, 2021

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September 9-29, 2021

The Academy of Music reopened last night - the lobby is looking truly beautiful with all the new paint and the bathrooms will be really great once they are fully complete. Mostly music in the next few weeks, but come check out Lindsey Buckingham, Madeleine Peyrroux and Joan Osborne this week, Darlingside and Al Franken next weekend. See you there!

Looking forward to a busy fall season: Chris Rohmann features a few of the upcoming shows here. 

The next issue will include events from September 16 - October 6. Submit upcoming events via the link below or by emailing me before Tuesday at midnight. Any questions, comments or feedback? Email me at

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Audition for Amherst Community Theater's production of The Little Mermaid
September 24, 25, and 26
Make your appointment today413-259-3065
$5 per week for your poster and ticket link in top billing!
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from Howlround

Money Matters
by Yura Sapi and Ann James

From the article: 

Ann James: Yeah, the table is great. Let's make it a banquet. Let's see what's on the table as opposed to the table itself. And let's sample everything on the table. It doesn't always have to be the main event. It doesn't always have to be, at some points, the dry turkey and the bland flavorless meat. It could be just such a sharing of all that we have to offer.

Yura Sapi: Imanalla mashikunaImanallatak kanki. Hello, friends. How are you? Welcome to another episode of the Building Our Own Tables podcast, season two. I'm your host, Yura Sapi, recording from Emberá Native lands on the Afro-Indigenous coast of Colombia in Nuquí, Chocó, in the Gulf of Tribugá. The Building Our Own Tables podcast is produced for HowlRound Theatre Commons, a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide, and by Advancing Arts Forward, a movement to advance equity, inclusion, and justice through the arts by creating liberated spaces that uplift, heal, and encourage us to change the world.

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K and E Theater Group Presents HELLO AGAIN, A MUSICAL
9/9, 9/10, 9/11 at 8:00 PM; 9/12 at 2:00 PM
Northampton Center for the Arts, 33 Hawley Street, Northampton

K and E Theater Group will present its first show in part one of its supersized Season 2 saying HELLO AGAIN, onstage at Northampton Center for the Arts, September 9-12, 2021.

Love and desire clash as each character seeks elusive connections in this musical inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s controversial 1897 play, La Ronde, the passion, sex, and power of ten love affairs, one from each decade of the 20th Century come to life through The Whore, The Young Thing, The Senator, The Soldier and others as they navigate each new sexual entanglement. Five-time Tony Award Nominee Michael John LaChiusa brings Schnitzler’s love stories to life with musical and lyrical styles of each decade, a variety of musical styles ranging from opera to 1970s disco while simultaneously introducing musical and lyrical echoes throughout to tie all the characters and their experiences together.

This production of HELLO AGAIN features Brenden Bartlett, Ryan Bird, Paula Cortis, Natasha Ellis, Max Levheim, Hannah McCluskey, Carina Savoie, Jay Torres, Nikki Wadleigh and David Webber. David Cavallin serves as Musical Director. The production is directed and choreographed by KETG Artistic Director Eddie Zitka.

Performances run from Thursday, September 9, through Sunday, September 12, 2021. Tickets are general admission for $25.00. There is no reserved seating. For more information, visit

* This production includes sexual content and partial nudity. Parental guidance is suggested.

** All audience members are required to wear a mask at Northampton Center for the Arts, including while seated watching the show.
The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On will kick off the Majestic Theater’s 24th season of plays on September 9 at the West Springfield venue.  The musical, written and created by Roger Bean, will run through October 17.
A sequel to The Marvelous Wonderettes, which the Majestic staged just over two years ago, the first act focuses on the Wonderettes, a female singing quartet, who have returned to Rockville High School to throw a retirement party for a favorite teacher in 1969.  The second act, set in 1978, celebrates the 20-year reunion of the ladies’ graduating class, and their performance for that event.  Some of the 60’s and 70’s most famous pop songs like “Gimme Some Lovin’,” “Downtown,” “Build Me Up, Buttercup,” “Love Will Keep Us Together” and “I’ve Got the Music in Me” are featured.
The Wonderettes are played by Kaytlyn Vandeloecht (Cindy Lou), Kait Rankins (Missy), Mollie Posnick (Suzy) and Tina Sparkle (Betty Jean).  Danny Eaton is the producing director, music director is Mitch Chakour, and the set design is by Greg Trochlil.  Costume designer is Dawn McKay and lighting designer is Dan Rist.  Stephen Petit is production manager, and Aurora Ferraro is associate production manager.  
Eggtooth Productions is pleased to announce their first full scale, in-person production on September 10 and 11, 2021 at 7:30 pm at the Shea Theater in Turners Falls, MA.
The Drag Sisters: Back Where We Belong
is a glittery, fun-filled, musical extravaganza where the musical magic of Etta James meets Dolly Parton meets Lou Reed meets Sia fully glammed and busting dance moves, not to mention extra dry martinis. Tickets are $20 at

The show features Joe Dulude, II as the ever fabulous Mr. Drag with Jane Williams of New Salem and Myka Plunkett from Northampton as his gloriously bungling yet dazzling sisters, all of whom are kept in check by an Alexa-like creature played by Linda Tardif of Turners Falls. Emily Pritchett of Amherst tries very hard to clean up after them all. 

Said Mr. Drag, "The Drag Sisters are back! That’s right! Join the Drag Sisters as they officially put down their martinis (for a moment to fix their wigs…I mean hair) and open up the Shea Theatre for performances again! The Drag Sisters: Back Where We Belong reunites some of your favorite members of the Drag Family with stories, song and maybe a surprise or two. Join us for a night of fun, frivolity and of course cocktails. Cheers!"

Linda McInerney, producer and artistic director of Eggtooth Productions said, "We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Drag et al back to the stage after far too long in a far too weird time and this reunion gives us all the chance to be together safely and joyfully. I can't think of a better way to experience collective delight and laughter than with this ridiculously motley crew. We can't wait to greet you and show you to your seat."
From the New Play Alliance Newsletter: 

Virtual Theatre


The Equity Library Theater of New York presents
Field Trip
by Ben Scranton
streaming now
directed by Michelle Joyner

Lee faces her husband’s controlling nature on a daily basis.  Lately it has gotten worse. Trust issues surface when Lee’s elderly mother, who is struggling with dementia, recalls a childhood field trip. The story of the trip has repercussions for Lee and Dag linking them to an important event. Their relationship is tested by the revelation. Stream this play.

The Peaceful Educator Foundation: Extraordinary Hero Project
On-line now thru September 14th.

We are seeking singers for, and to announce auditions for a ZOOM THEATER production of EXTRAORDINARY HERO, Western Mass Composer/Playwright John McDonnell Tierney of Heath.  The script is based on “The Hero’s Journey” and other books by Joseph Campbell and will be produced in association with the Joseph Campbell Foundation (brings a huge audience!) We will have two principle goals: 1. to do a great show and, 2. to pay actors equitably. We am assembling a small professional cast (six women and one man) for the ZOOM THEATER production that we hope will also become the touring cast. We are asking all applicants to be very strong singers, be at least 18 years of age, and currently reside in a New England State.

Interested performers please visit our website for complete information on the project, and/or click here to apply.

John McDonnell Tierney, “Jack” to his friends and neighbors, is a retired professor and full time composer and playwright. Since his retirement in 2012, Jack has produced three major musicals. The first, titled “Peacemaker,” premiered in Hartford in 2016 to standing ovations;  the second, “Humanity’s Child” won major awards in the 2019 New York Theater Festival and ran for four weeks at the historic Players Theatre Off-Broadway; and, in 2020 Jack’s third musical, “Humanity’s Child- The Sequel” was featured at The Atlanta Fringe Audio Festival for a full year. “Extraordinary Hero,” Jack’s most recent work composed Jan-August 2021 is currently in production.

Black Cat Theater, Inc. is seeking actors/actresses for the fall production of Play On! by Rick Abbot directed by Becca Coolong. They will be held on Saturday, September 11 from 10:30am-1:30pm and Sunday, September 12 from 12:30-3:30pm. Auditions will be located at the South Hadley Public Library, 2 Canal St, South Hadley, MA 01075.

Auditions are open to all genders, ages 18 and over. Those auditioning should prepare a 60-90 second comedic monologue and be prepared to do a cold read.

To sign up for an auditions time slot please use the following link:

Although advance sign up is preferred, walk-ins will be welcome. If unavailable to be seen in person at this audition, please email


Show dates for this production are November 18, 19, 20, 21. Rehearsals are on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 6pm starting September 27th.

As a community theater, Black Cat Theater, Inc. is always looking for people who would enjoy working “behind the scenes,” assisting with costumes, props, set construction and painting, and other tasks associated with producing a show. If interested, please email


*For the safety of the cast, crew, and South Hadley High School Community, Black Cat Theater is requiring cast member for this production be vaccinated for COVID19. If you have questions about our safety protocols, please email

*Masks will be required throughout the audition. Black Cat will be following CDC guidelines during auditions and throughout the production.

SHOW SYNOPSIS: One plucky community theatre is about to produce a show called Murder Most Foul, a new “murder mystery play” with the same title as an Agatha Christie novel but with no relation whatsoever. The director/theatre manager, Gerry, thought producing the play was a good idea since the inexperienced playwright has agreed to let the company perform the show for no charge. Gerry, however, had no idea what disasters awaited her: the show is hilariously amateur, the “murder mystery” plot doesn’t really have a murder, and to top it off the playwright keeps changing the story and script only two days from its premiere! It doesn’t help that the cast is disgruntled, and the playwright accidentally deletes the entire sound effect board. All of the disasters come to fruition in Act III when the company performs the actual show with hilarious mishaps at every turn. Play On! is a hilarious love letter to community theatre.


Characters who are Actors/Actresses in the Play "Murder Most Foul":

Henry Benish (50s-60s): A man who tries to please, especially his wife Polly. He stutters when nervous and has a difficult time staying on track (plays Lord Dudley in the play)

Polly Benish (50s-60s): An insecure diva. She loves the attention of center-stage. She is quick to take offense at any slight, either real or imagined (plays Lady Margaret in the play)

Marla “Smitty” Smith (18-25): A pretty but awkward young girl. She is a reluctant actress who suffers from stage fright and often forgets her lines (plays Doris the Maid in the play)

Saul Watson (40s): A bit of a jokester, he loves to stir things up. His favorite victim is Polly because she is so easy to get a rise out of. Sometimes indulges in a little “liquid courage” off-stage (plays Dr Rex Forbes in the play)

Billy Carew (mid-late 20s): A handsome, high-spirited young man. He develops a crush on Violet while rehearsing (plays Stephen Sellers in the play)

Violet Imbry (mid-late 20s): A pretty face behind which medical science may someday discover a brain. She knows her lines, just not always what they mean (plays Diana Lassiter in the play)

Characters who are on the Production Team of the Play "Murder Most Foul":

Aggie Manville (30s+): the stage manager and prompter, tough and patient. They are almost “bomb-proof” regarding theatrical disasters.

Gerry Dunbar ( 40s+): the director, who is determined to pull together the troubled troupe of thespians, without strangling any of them (or the pretentious playwright)

Louise Pearey (25-40): the sound-and-lighting-and-set-design technician. The only thing they don't do backstage is dress the actors. A bit of an Eeyore.

Phyllis Montague (40s+): the playwright. A bit ditzy and self-centered, they don't understand why everyone objects to their “little tinkering” with the script

Silverthorne Theater seeks White, female-identifying, Queer-identifying Equity and Non-Equity actors to audition for the role of Erica in Bright Half Life, a two-character play by Tanya Barfield, directed by Gina Kaufmann, with performances December 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11, 2021, at Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield, MA. Auditions will be on Saturday, September 18 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm at The LAVA Center, 324 Main Street in Greenfield, MA.
Erica meets, falls in love and marries Vicky over the course of the play.  Wants to be a teacher, a bit of a dreamer.  Lots of energy, lots of fun.  Her unpredictability is her best and worst feature. Erica identifies as a lesbian and is described by the playwright as “soft butch”.  The role of Vicky has already been cast. Although the play spans four decades, we are looking to cast an actor in her late twenties to mid-forties.
Audition sides will be provided in advance. Rehearsals will begin in early November and performances will be. Auditioners and performers are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID19. For full details, visit our web page
To schedule an audition, contact the theater at or call 413-768-7514.  Auditions are open to Equity and non-Equity performers ; all roles are paid.
Are you Ariel? King Triton? Or maybe Ursula or Prince Eric? Yes, Amherst Community Theater is bringing Disney's The Little Mermaid, coming in January 2022! Auditions are September 24, 25, and 26, and appointments are now open! 

A hauntingly beautiful love story for the ages, this timeless fable will capture your heart with its irresistible songs, lavish sets and costumes, and a full live orchestra. Enthusiastic audiences will fill the 600-seat UMass Bowker Auditorium for 9 performances in January, 2022. Actors, singers, and dancers ages 7-107 are encouraged to audition. We want  YOU to find your place under the sea!  INCLUSIVE CASTING. For an audition appointment,  call Amherst Recreation at 413-259-3065.  

For more info about auditions, including character descriptions and audition music and readings, visit 
Contact person- Cynthia Strycharz   
Company- Starlight's Youth Theatre
Starlight's Youth Theatre accepting registration for Fall Acting Classes 

image.pngLights Up   With a focus on the performance the students will learn about timing, pace and finding moments within the play as they use these new skills to present their original play “The Story of Dr. Dolittle”.  This play will be recreated by the students themselves as they work to develop the story in “you finish it scenes” during class.Grades 3-5th   Mondays 4:00-4:45  Beginning Sept. 13- till show Nov. 6 at Northampton Center of the Arts    Fee-  $140.00 
image.pngSherlock Holmes and Dr. WatsonSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are looking for your help to solve their new mystery.  Come join the fun and cast while they not only rely on each other to help solve this mystery, but also the audience as they engage them in finding the clues to solve this very funny mystery. 
Grades 6-8   Mondays 5:00-6:00   Beginning Sept 13 till show Nov. 1 at Maple Ridge                Fee $145.00
All classes will be held at Maple Ridge Community Center, Sunderland.  To register please go to   
Russian Études with Annelise Lawson

Thursday nights from 6-9pm EST, starting September 16th on Zoom.
6 weeks. $445. Open to 12 students. Sign up below!

Études are a rehearsal tool developed from Stanislavski’s final experiments. This course seeks to foster a dynamic interaction between actor and text. Through a series of exploratory improvisations called études, actors unpack and personalize the given circumstances — following their own impulses to achieve profound and thrillingly original interpretations. The course focuses on how to activate “bookwork” through imagination, awareness, and sense of spontaneous play. The method gives students practical tools to pull even the most intimidating texts off their pedestals and make them their own. Students will gain confidence in the legitimacy of their own impulses, having followed their interpretations of text and character to the furthest possible point.

Sign up now!

Fall Classes from Completely Ridiculous Productions

Starting in September we have a series of classes on offer! Click on any title for more information, teacher bios and students testimonials.

*Wellness Practice* with Annie Piper

Wednesday mornings from 10-11am EST, starting September 15th on Zoom.
Ongoing. $18/Class. $60/Month.

*Russian Etudeswith Annelise Lawson

Thursday nights from 6-9pm EST, starting September 16th on Zoom.
6 weeks. $445. ​Open to 12 students.

*Sourcing Selfwith Chalia La Tour

Saturday afternoons from 1-4pm EST, starting October 2nd on Zoom.
6 weeks. $445. Open to 12 students.

*Actors AT Practice Groupwith Tracy Einstein

Tuesday mornings from 11-12pm EST, starting October 5th on Zoom.
Ongoing. $18/Class. $60/Month.

*Character and Energetics* with Ato Blankson-Wood

Wednesday nights from 6-9pm EST, starting October 13th on Zoom.
6 weeks. $445. Open to 8 students.

Sign up now!
Resilience Habits for Busy Parents: The Happiness Experiment
"Resilience Habits for Busy Parents" refills your energy and positivity tank in just minutes each day. Experience 11 evidence-based micro-habits to give you the resilience, mindfulness, and happiness necessary to keep getting shit done without losing your shit.

If you have two minutes a day, you have enough time to do this program.
If you don't have two minutes a day, you really need to do this program!

Best of all, it's fun, engaging, and interactive! Learn wellness and wellbeing practices from professional improv comedian and happiness coach Pam Victor. Based in science. Powered by play.
September 26th at 10:00 AM for the Day 1 Intensive, then spend the next 30 days working on the Happiness Experiment, with a closing event on October 24th at 11 AM!
Happier Valley Comedy Theater (1 Mill Valley Rd, Hadley, MA)   
Pricing: $125 (or $99 before September 2nd)
For more info:

Double Edge Theatre
Fall Intensive: October 8-11

We’ll work daily from morning until night, both in Double Edge’s indoor training spaces and outside in the fields, hills, pond and pastures of the Farm. Layering our physical training practice with music, design, dramaturgy, large object work and individual and group research, intensives are a full-body experience of our multidisciplinary creative process.

The intensives are open to participants of all levels of experience and are ideal for pushing the boundaries of your physicality, creativity, and imagination!

We are continuing to follow MA State Guidelines regarding COVID-19 precautions and safety. Please contact us if you have any questions about our protocols and procedures.

To learn more and apply, visit our website here and/or contact Travis Coe at

Apply Today! 
Submit your workshop, class, audition, performance, or any other theatre opportunity here!
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