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Pioneer Valley Theatre News July 5, 2018

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  July 5 - 25, 2018

I hope you are all full of bbq!

Lot's of fun summer theatre events this weekend. I'll be at the Ko Festival opening performance on The Radicalization Process on Friday and Real Live Theatre's Birthday party on Saturday. What are you seeing this weekend? Perhaps I'll see you there!

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Ko Festival of Performance: The Radicalization Process July 6-8
Tickets and more information.
from Howlround
Dramaturgical Work with College-Aged Artists around Race and Whiteness
by Gaven Trinidad

From the article: 

In our current political climate, theatremakers are seeking better ways to address systemic violence and discrimination within our own industry and US arts education institutions, which sometimes unintentionally devalue People of Color (POC) artists’ culturally rich identities and perspectives. However, what methods and tools can we provide young artists if many mainstream US theatres and arts education programs affirm, develop, and produce mostly white American-European theatre?

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Berkshire on Stage
Hampshire Shakespeare Company
Twelfth Night--Shakespeare Under The Stars

July 5th through July 8th at 7:00pm
Massachusetts Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies, 650 East Pleasant St., Amherst MA, 01002

Every summer Hampshire Shakespeare Company brings outdoor theater to the Pioneer Valley, as it was done in the Bard's day. This summer we are presenting Twelfth Night from June 27th through July 1st and July 4th through July 8th, and Othello from July 18th through July 22nd and July 25th through July 29th, as well as our Young Company production of Twelfth Night from August 17th through 19th. Our venue is the beautiful lawn of the Massachusetts Renaissance Center, located on the former estate of Winthrop Saltonstall Dakin, with their brick home built in the style of a Renaissance cottage in Shakespeare's Warwickshire nestled in the rolling hills of Amherst as the backdrop.

Chester Theatre Company presents Disgraced
7/5 at 2 & 8pm, 7/6 at 8pm, 7/7 at 2 & 8pm, 7/8 at 2pm, 7/12 at 2 & 8pm, 7/13 at 8pm, 7/14 at 2 & 8pm, 7/15 at 2pm
Town Hall Theatre, 15 Middlefield Rd., Chester, MA

“There’s a result to believing that a book written about life in a specific society fifteen hundred years ago is the word of God: You start wanting to recreate that society.”

A successful corporate attorney confronts the Muslim heritage he has hidden, even from himself. This Pulitzer Prize winning play explores the prickly and often painful territory of American identity.

Ko Festival of Performance presents THE RADICALIZATION PROCESS
Fri. & Sat. July 6 & 7 at 8pm, Sunday July 8 at 4pm

An original performance by The Hinterlands
Created and Performed by Richard Newman, Liza Bielby, and Dave Sanders.
Live Scoring by Richard Newman.
Scenic design by Shoshanna Utchenik
Archive Creation by Casey Rocheteau
Publication design by Benjamin Gaydos

Layering historical accounts of the radical left in the 1960’s and 70’s with a master class in American method acting, socialist pageantry, and a gleefully obtuse re-production of The Living Theatre’s Antigone, The Radicalization Process stokes the embers of America’s past revolutions to ignite our radical potential. Audiences begin the performance sifting through a basement archive of a forgotten revolutionary, navigating histories true and false, real and imagined, before they make their way into the performance space, a safe-house within a house in 1970s Detroit. Imagery unfolds both mundane and shocking; a live-score is performed on analog synthesizers and everyday objects; L’Internationale is sung; an explosion occurs.

The Radicalization Process asks us to question our assumptions about what drives us to take action, how far is too far, and what role the imagination has in revolution. Also, it’s funny. Sometimes. Other times it’s really dark. But hey, that’s America!

The performance was commissioned by Legion Arts, Power House Productions and Alverno Presents with generous support from the National Performance Network, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the NEA Artworks program.

Tickets available here. 
$22 Adult, $18 Students and Seniors. $10 with SNAP/EBT. Limited number of $8 tickets available.
Email for directions or further information, or call (413) 542-3750.
PaintBox Theatre Presents 

at the Williston Theatre in Easthampton
and the Easthampton Band Shell
PaintBox Theatre—the Pioneer Valley’s theatre of imagination and improvisation for all ages—kicks off our 15th season with Tarzan! World-respected researcher Jane (Linda Tardif), assisted by an audience full of young scientists, has come to the deep, dark jungle in search of the mysterious, elusive Tarzan. Is he really the king of the jungle? Not even close. Tarzan is a friend to all of the wild beast youngsters, teaching the little ones how to swim, climb, and avoid danger. So when Tarzan wants to brag, shout, and fly through the jungle, the older ones just play along. Troy David Mercier swings in as the legendary T-Man. Callum LaFrance will not only play Tarzan’s best buddy, Cheetah the Chimp, but (with the help of the audience, of course) he’ll play a whole jungle of wild beasts, birds, and swimmy things. 
You can see PaintBox Theatre’s shows at the Williston Theatre in Easthampton (air-conditioned!) and the Easthampton Band Shell. As always, PaintBox Theatre’s performances will feature lots of audience participation, artwork created by dozens of local kids, and plenty of belly laughs.
Adapted and directed by Tom McCabe
Saturday & Sunday, July 7 and 8: 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Williston Theatre

Wednesday, July 11: 10:30 a.m. (Rain date Thursday, July 12)
Easthampton Band Shell

Locations: Williston Theatre, Williston Northampton School, 18 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, Easthampton Band Shell, 2 Ferry Street, along the Manhan Rail Trail
Description: PaintBox Theatre—the Pioneer Valley’s theatre of imagination and improvisation for all ages—kicks off the summer with Tarzan, the classic story, with a few PaintBox twists.
Tickets: Available at the door or at
Admission: $10.00 for single tickets. 
Group Discount: 12 people or more: $7.00 per ticket 
Season Tickets: $24
For more info and to make group reservations email

Ko Festival of Performance presents THE OVEN

Fri. & Sat. July 13-14 at 8pm, Sunday July 15 at 1:30 pm

Written and performed by ILAN STAVANS

After a chance meeting with a shaman in Colombia, Ilan Stavans, the highly regarded literary scholar, found himself in the Amazon rainforest. He had reluctantly agreed to participate in a religious ceremony that involved taking the hallucinogen ayahuasca. Even though he considered himself a skeptic and a rational intellectual, as someone whose worldview was defined by his education and his heritage as a Mexican Jew, Stavans found that the ritual pushed him to reconsider many of his basic understandings, including his perceptions of indigenous cultures in Latin America, as well as his career as teacher, thinker, and artist.

This one-act play is delivered in the form of a lecture that mimics the author’s startling spiritual journey.

Tickets available here. 
$22 Adult, $18 Students and Seniors. $10 with SNAP/EBT. Limited number of $8 tickets available.
Email for directions or further information, or call (413) 542-3750.

Double Edge Theatre presents We The People
Summer Spectacle 2018

Previews: July 13 - 14
Performances: July 18 - August 19
8pm; Weds - Sun, rain or shine

We The People is a traveling rumination on finding freedom through
creativity, a profound relationship with the land, and a curiosity and
reverence for past generations.

The audience will travel in small groups among the fields, flowers,
waterways, barns, forests, and secret paths of Double Edge’s blooming,
verdant Farm. Birds fly above, transforming to human form as they
gently land; citizens emerge from the past to recount their stories -
a farmer, a scholar, a poet, an immigrant, a suffragist, and more - a
legacy of freedom shared through the vital voices of those who
resisted social and political oppression; enormous creatures appear
from the trees and spring up from the water; a woman’s voice is heard,
her song of longing floating on the wind. History, magic, and music
are woven together to create an allegorical tapestry, the audience
invited to wander among these fantastical, interlaced worlds.

What are the hidden territories of the land, of history, and how do
they speak to us as citizens in the present moment? This summer,
Double Edge attempts to articulate the beauty of the environment,
uncover lost voices, and joyfully inhabit a world of wild imagination.

For tickets:

Hampshire Shakespeare Company
Othello--Shakespeare Under The Stars

July 18th-22nd and 25th-29th, 7:00pm
Massachusetts Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies, 650 East Pleasant St., Amherst MA, 01002

Every summer Hampshire Shakespeare Company brings outdoor theater to the Pioneer Valley, as it was done in the Bard's day. This summer we are presenting Twelfth Night from June 27th through July 1st and July 4th through July 8th, and Othello from July 18th through July 22nd and July 25th through July 29th, as well as our Young Company production of Twelfth Night from August 17th through 19th. Our venue is the beautiful lawn of the Massachusetts Renaissance Center, located on the former estate of Winthrop Saltonstall Dakin, with their brick home built in the style of a Renaissance cottage in Shakespeare's Warwickshire nestled in the rolling hills of Amherst as the backdrop.


From the first moment of Steve Henderson and Will Chalmus’s taut new drama, White, Black & Blue, the action never ceases. Three men are thrown together in a tense situation none of them would ever have chosen. The third show of Silverthorne Theater Company’s Fifth Anniversary season opens July 19 and runs through July 28 at the Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield.

The Play
     Walter, a black man, breaks into the home of Joe Renshaw, an older white man, late at night. Walter has fled the scene of an altercation with a white off-duty police officer, during which he took the officer’s gun. It is not the way it seems. As Joe and Walter struggle to establish a fragile d├ętente, Officer Lou Rankin finds the house. A taut life and death stalemate ensues as the three desperate men strive to stay alive & to protect their families. Issues of race, trust, responsibility and last strawscomprise powerful themes in the story.   World Premiere
The play received its first public reading at the Majestic Theater in West Springfield in 2016.
The People
Keith Langsdale directs this production that features Sam Rush* as Joe Renshaw, Daniel Rios* as Walter Jones, and Steve Pierce as Officer Lou Rankin.  (*Members of Actors Equity Association)
Playwright and veteran Valley actor Steve Henderson of Westfield teamed up with Brandeis professor Will Chalmus to write this extraordinarily timely piece.  Henderson’s previous work has been staged in various Valley locations, including the Majestic. Silverthorne presented his Jerry and Ed in 2015, a play that is being staged in Vermont this summer. He is the author of Senior Theater, a guide to working with seniors, and his play The Gravediggers’ Gift was published by UMass. Renaissance Center. 
At Brandeis, Chalmus specializes in Playback Theater, an original form of improvisational theatre in which audience or group members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot.
Director Keith Langsdale has directed at the Majestic Theater and New Century Theatre, and has appeared on television and in films around the country.
Production Details
Major sponsorship for this production comes from Teddy Bear Pools of Chicopee.

Tickets for the play may be purchased online through or by calling the Silverthorne Box Office at 413-768-7514. Discounted tickets will be available as of June 1 at World Eye Bookstore in Greenfield and Broadside Books in Northampton.  Performances are scheduled for July 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at 7:30 pmwith a matinee on Sunday, July 22, at 2 pm. The fourth floor space at Hawks & Reed at 289 Main St, Greenfield, is air conditioned and fully handicapped accessible.
Saturday, July 21 at 8pm – one night only!
Holden Theatre, Amherst College

You’ve heard of poetry slams – competitive poetry events. This is one is for first person, true stories – told live and without notes – just like most of the shows you see on the lineup this season.

Cash Bar & Prizes!

Tickets are $16, which goes to support the Ko Festival of Performance.
Additional donations gratefully accepted.

Stories must be true and told without notes, and under 5 minutes long, and related to our season theme of “RADICAL ACTS.” It could be a story about you, or a story about someone or something you’ve personally observed, but somehow it must be have that first-person element. Lots of room for lots of kinds of stories.

There will be some pre-selected ringers, but this might be your opportunity to take your place on the Ko Festival stage alongside KoFest artists & staff. We’ll have a few slots reserved for last minute sign-ups —our very first grand prize winner was someone who decided at the last minute to share a hilarious story about her experiences being fitted for a Playboy Bunny costume at the Playboy Club in NYC. If we have too many sign-ups, we’ll audition the first lines of stories – and audience members will get to vote on which ones should be told in their entirety!

Feeling a bit unsure? We’re offering a limited number private storytelling coaching sessions from Ko Festival artists! Call 413.427.6147 to sign-up for one of these slots or for more information. Price for this coaching is a donation to the Ko Festival. Whatever you can afford.

Know a great raconteur? – tell them about the event! Everyone should come prepared to listen, but you may want to come prepared to tell! Club style lighting will be by Holly Gettings. And to help you wet your whistle we’ll have a cash bar. And prizes!

We’ll be saving a few slots to be given away on the night – but we’re currently accepting pitches for pre-slotting. To be considered for pre-slotting please email about your story, and give us a little biographical background. Or you can call (413) 427-6147.

You may also wish to hone your story by taking Gerard Stropnicky’s FIRST PERSON: Crafting your Story for Performance Workshop which runs from July 16-21.

Gina Kaufmann directs her adaptation of John Gay’s 1728 musical satire The Beggar’s Opera for a three-woman cast:

Stephanie Carlson plays Polly Peachum and Mr. Lockit
Nikki Wadleigh plays Lucy Lockit and Mr. Peachum 
Kyle Boatwright plays Mrs. Peachum and Macheath

Aaron Jones is the music director and Elizabeth Pangburn is the costume designer.

We’ll perform at The West End Event Space at Eastworks (116 Pleasant Street in Easthampton) on Thursday, July 19, Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21 – all at 7:00 p.m.

Yes, there will be eating and drinking.

$10 suggested donation at the door

You can reserve your seat here:
PaintBox Theatre presents Pirates!
Saturday, July 21: 10:30 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 22: 10:30 a.m. followed by the Second Annual Pirate Day!
Williston Theatre

Wednesday, July 25: 10:30 a.m.         
Easthampton Band Shell (Rain date Thursday, July 26)

They swash. They buckle. They crack very bad jokes. Back by popular demand, last summer’s cast of corsairs, Kelsey Flynn, Troy David Mercier, Myka Plunkett, and Callum LaFrance, will bring even more silliness and pirate antics to the shores of the PaintBox stage. We’ve run up the pirate flag, so be prepared to sing, dance, and roll your arrrrrhhhhhhs like a pirate. Captain Braidbeard says, “Mateys, dress on up and sail on down to PaintBox Theatre.”

Special announcement:

Sunday, July 22 is our second annual Pirate Day! We’ll be making merry from 1:30 – 4 p.m.

Williston Theatre, 18 Payson Avenue, Easthampton
Easthampton Band Shell, 2 Ferry Street, along the Manhan Rail Trail
Tickets: $10, Free for children under 2
Season Pass: $24
Groups (12+): $7 each, email
Tickets at the door or
Pioneer Valley Theatre Companies
Is your theatre company missing? Email me!
Academy of Music Theatre

Arena Civic Theatre

Black Cat Theater

Chester Theatre Company

The Country Players

Eggtooth Productions

Exit 7 Players

Ghost Light Theater

Hampshire Shakespeare Company

Happier Valley Comedy

Ja'Duke Center for the Performing Arts

Ko Theater Works/Ko Festival of Performance

Majestic Theater
New Century Theatre

PaintBox Theatre

Pauline Productions

Real Live Theatre

Red Thread Theater

Serious Play Theatre Ensemble

Silverthorne Theater

Smith College Department of Theatre

St. Michael's Players

Starlight's Youth Theatre, Inc.


Turbulent Times Theater

Westfield Theatre Group

Wilbraham United Players
Real Live Theatre's 5th Birthday Party!

In 2013, a group of Pioneer Valley-based theatre artists got together to put on a production of The Tragedy of Othello. Five years and several productions and programs later, Real Live Theatre is having a 5th Birthday Party and YOU'RE INVITED! Join us for delicious food, a cash bar (don't forget to try our signature RLTinis!), live auction, and performed excerpts from all five years of our artistic work so far.

Saturday July 7th
6PM - 9PM
121 Club at Eastworks
116 Pleasant St
Easthampton, MA 01027

The party will take place at the fabulous 121 Club in Eastworks in Easthampton. Tickets are $20 (that includes the food and entertainment) or $50 (food and entertainment plus two drink tickets). We'll also be fundraising for Five More Years of RLT, with sweet perks for your support. We can't wait to party with you!

This event is sponsored by Eastworks.
Smith College Department of Theatre is hiring
Publicity Manager for the Arts 

Position Summary:

Provide creative vision for audience development and publicity management in the Dance, Theatre, Music, and Film and Media Studies Departments. Plan and manage publicity efforts, and develop promotional ideas in conjunction with chairs and artistic directors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Develop long-term strategies for publicity, marketing and on-line presence. Plan and manage new publicity efforts and promotional ideas in conjunction with chairs and artistic directors.

Responsible for the design, production, and distribution of all physical and digital publicity and marketing materials. Collect information, and create (writing and editing, and creating or supervising layout and design) all publicity materials for Dance, Music, Theatre, and Film and Media Studies public events. Write, edit, and disseminate press releases, PSAs, and associated material in timely fashion for regular performing arts season events and for additional events as assigned by supervisor.

Understand and follow Smith College general public relations protocols. Coordinate with College Relations as appropriate. Maintain media materials for press and websites. Plan and coordinate new publicity efforts and promotional ideas in conjunction with chairs and department objectives.

Hire, train, supervise, and maintain schedules and job assignment descriptions for student employees.

Plan and analyze annual budgets and submit to chairs for feedback and approval. Manage publicity budget. Work with departments to set audience and revenue goals, and consult on ticket pricing with attention to those goals. Coordinate with Budget and Provost’s offices about budget and additional needs.

May need to attend evening rehearsals, performances, concerts, screenings and/or other events. May advise or participate in committee work or planning in the four departments.


Education/Experience: BA/BFA and 3 years job-related experience and/or the equivalent combination of education and/or experience. Professional experience in arts marketing and/or publicity.

Skills: Ability to solve problems; ability to take initiative; excellent communication (oral and written), organizational and interpersonal skills; strong project and budget management skills. Comfort and experience with social media and marketing. Graphic design skills are a plus but not required.

Additional Information:

This is a 44 week, academic year position.  Applications can be submitted until August 15, 2018 for priority consideration for this position.  The search committee will begin reviewing candidate profiles on August 16th, 2018.c

More info and to apply. 

Greene Room Productions

Please reply with resume and cover letter to

Check us out at

Serious applicants only please

GRP Ed Outreach Mission:

This is a non-profit theater company that is dedicated to producing quality entertainment and hands-on learning opportunities to children and adults. We offer a safe nurturing environment where individuals can come after-school to participate in theatrical programs pushing them to reach for their maximum potential.

Position Summary:

We are looking for a dynamic individual to direct and manage the after-school theater programs. The Ed Director must have an interest and experience working with youth of ages 3.5-adult and expertise in one or more disciplines in theater production, direction, design, improv, and production management. The Ed Director must be a positive role model for participants and volunteers in the program, leading by example, able to create lesson plans, direct youth productions, oversee other afternoon workshop instructors, assuming the responsibility, safety, empowerment, and success of all participants. The Ed Director will manage 3 sessions of after-school theater programs, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, and April-June and is paid stipends per project. The programs run at the Eastfield Mall rehearsal space Mon-Thurs 3:30-6:30pm with a Friday “prep” day. Through the addition of the new Ed Director position GRP intends on further developing the Ed Outreach program in increments. There is a great opportunity for growth in this position. The cumulative stipend for all 3 projects is $11,000.00 and would preferably start this fall 2018.

Job Status: This is a freelance job

Preferred Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelors or Associate Degree or attending college with appropriate training or certification in their area of specialty is preferred

  • Minimum of two years’ experience working with elementary, middle, and/or high school-aged children

  • Exceptional group management, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Competency in youth development

  • Ability to create interactive activities that are age-appropriate

  • Genuine enthusiasm for developing professional skills through training opportunities and field practice

  • Ability to work as part of a team and with the Executive Director and Board of Directors

  • Ability to communicate and work effectively and respectfully with a broad range of diverse constituents

  • Be available to shadow to get the full scope of GRP expectations and run-of-program

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the safety and engagement of children in assigned activities

  • Develop weekly project based activity lesson plans in area(s) of specialty

  • Facilitate purposeful activities that foster the development of new skills in children, while reinforcing skills/information previously taught

  • Direct fall, winter, and spring Ed Outreach productions while collaborating with other workshop directors; culminating all groups into one large production each session

  • Lead costume/set/props “Build” nights, instructing children and adult volunteers

  • Organize and lead the local tour by “Kids Tour; Acting Troupe” to local schools 1 day each spring and fall

  • Oversee participant sign-in/out

  • Work with the Executive Director to build the Ed Outreach program

  • In off-season and small class periods assist Executive Director with grant writing, scheduling/organizing of events, planning, recruiting volunteers, and other admin tasks that relate to the play/workshop production process

  • Uphold a high quality of expectation and work/ethic in all who are involved, in all areas

  • Must attend weekly production meetings with the Executive Director

  • Must attend monthly board meetings

Springfield College Theater hiring a Technical Direction/Scenic Designer
Springfield College Fuller Arts Center and scenic shop
Beginning Fall 2018

Provide technical direction and scenic design for Springfield College Theater, supervised and directed by Prof. Martin Shell.  We produce one play each semester.

Fee per show. Applicants with an MA or MFA may also apply to instruct a stage production course as an adjunct. TD does not require the grad degree, but please provide your resume of experience.

Intro to Drama Therapy
Saturday and Sunday, July 7 and 8, 11-3pm
Northampton Center for the Arts

Drama Therapy is a creative arts therapy method that uses theater practices and theories to achieve therapeutic goals. This workshop will be an introduction to a few of the most used drama therapy theories and practices. It is intended to expose potential future drama therapists, current mental health professionals, theater practitioners, and community members who might want to explore drama therapy as part of their personal journey.

Please email to register by July 1. Fee is sliding scale $45-$65.

Facebook event.
Ko Festival of Performance Workshop:
SOUND AND FURY: An Embodied Approach to Voice, Text & Sound Design for the Theatre

July 9  – 14, 2018
with Richard Newman

Join The Hinterlands co-director Richard Newman for an extended workshop exploring the theatre as a place for radical sonic exploration. Using the voice, everyday objects, instruments, technology, and architecture, participants will take a holistic approach to sound design and performance.

Workshop attendees will use movement, song, and text to break out of habitual vocal patterns in order to use the voice as a tool for sonic exploration, create soundscapes from everyday objects and actions, and explore the possibilities for integrating technology into performer-centric theatrical work.

All classes meet from 10 am - 4 pm on the Amherst College campus.

More information.
Phantom Sheep Productions 
LaughCrafters in the Library

July 10 at 6:30 PM 
Southwick Library

"Laugh Out Loud at the Library"
Phantom Sheep is presenting their hands on workshop for teens teaching techniques and skills used by improvisers to think quickly, boost confidence, and create hilarious scenes on the spot!

Free for ages 11-18
For more information and to sign up, please call the Youth Librarian at 413-569-1221 ex.3

Facebook event.

Phantom Sheep will also be visiting Westfield Athenaeum with a version of this program on July 25th as well as Agawam Library on August 7th!
Happier Valley Comedy presents The Magic Behind SCRIPTED/UNSCRIPTED Int/Adv Improv Workshop with Scott Braidman & Stephanie Carlson
July 14 at 2:00 PM
Happier Valley Comedy Theater, 1 Mill Valley Rd, Hadley

Int/Adv. Improvisers! Come learn the improv magic behind HVC's most popular show, SCRIPTED/UNSCRIPTED, from two highly experienced performers (and all-around awesome people). In this structure, an actor performs one half of a scene strictly line by line according to a script while the improviser has no idea what scene it is and gets to make it all up on the spot. SCRIPTED/UNSCRIPTED is a wild and wooly ride that can be surprisingly, magically ease-ful for improvisers. Scott Braidman leads you through an exploration of the joy and ease of holding up the improviser's unscripted half of the scene while Stephanie Carlson provides insight on the scripted actor's half of your scenes. And you'll get to improvise while Stephanie performs the scene line by line with you. You get to practice SCRIPTED/UNSCRIPTED with Stephanie Carlson! How cool is that?! Spend the afternoon getting a hands-on feel for the artistry and craft of improvising in this structure. Then you'll get to see Scott and Stephanie perform in SCRIPTED/UNSCRIPTED that night. How cool is that too?!

Prerequisite: Completion of HVC's Zen of Improv 4 or the equivalent from another comedy school.
More information.
Ko Festival of Performance Workshop:
FIRST PERSON: Crafting Your Story for Performance with GERARD STROPNICKY

July 16  – 21, 2018

Come with a story. (Or two. Or three.) Leave with a performance. (Or two. Or three.)

Come without a story, and by the end of Day One, you’ll discover more compelling material than you’d ever think possible. “After all,” says theatre artist Gerard Stropnicky, “people are simply wonderful walking story anthologies.”

Why do some stories – some performances – spark your imagination, set fire to your soul, and leave you transformed, while others just sit there? Is it the content, or the telling? The framing, or the style? Can story be employed to bring laughter, or tears, or understanding, or lasting social change, or all of the above?

Gerard Stropnicky has been working in story for twenty years. This award-winning director has helped create compelling work from interview, gathered story, letters to the editor, even advertisements, recipes and children’s games. He’s written, directed and acted in countless styles; he’s coached diverse thousands of performers, professional and not, young and old, from every walk of life, to bring their stories to vivid life.

We’ll play with monologue, and help each other create scenes. We’ll experiment with styles, colors and tones. We’ll make ourselves vulnerable to our stories, and to one another. The workshop will draw on the work of the late playwright and poet Jo Carson, Stropnicky’s long-time creative partner, as well as other practitioners of Story Work, and will culminate with a showing. This on-your-feet writers and performers story intensive is designed to release the enormous potential energy already alive in you and your story.

A repeat of last summer’s sold out workshop – alums welcome!

All classes meet from 10 am - 4 pm on the Amherst College campus.

More information.

Between Here and There Theatre presents: a Collaborative Devising Workshop
Saturday, July 21 at 3:00 PM

We will be hosting a workshop on collaborative devised theatre based around the theme of Liminal Spaces. This event is designed for folks of all ranges of theatre and improv experience. We will be doing a series of improv exercises, games, discussions, and writing to explore the theme and develop collaborative skills. There is the possibility of this building into a bigger project, though no attendees will be obligated to participate past this session.

This workshop is designed for a smaller group of folks (6-15) so I have not included the location here. Please contact me at for more information.

We are psyched to launch five brand new summer workshops for theatre makers of all backgrounds, interests, and levels of experience.

All workshops are led by RLT members and educators and will take place at the North Star Building on Route 116 in Sunderland, MA. Join us for any or all of these fabulous afternoons - discounts are available for those interested in more than one!

Saturday July 21st 1-4 PM: Theater Making with a Conscience with Ellen Morbyrne

Saturday July 28th 1-4 PM: Rooting and Rising: Cultivating Community and Championing the Creative Spirit with Angelica Polk and Julissa Rodriguez

Saturday August 4th 1-4 PM: The Art of the Director with Toby Vera Bercovici

Saturday August 11th 12-4 PM: Choreographing Intimacy with Toby Vera Bercovici and Ellen Morbyrne

Saturday August 25th 1-4 PM: Instigating Hope and Change Through Theater with Ezekiel Baskin and Trenda Loftin

CLICK HERE for more information on each workshop, our educators, and how to register! Feel free to email with any questions.
Phantom Sheep Productions
LaughCrafters in the Library

July 25 at 1:00 PM
Westfield Athenaeum

"Laugh Out Loud at the Library"
Phantom Sheep is proud to return to the Westfield Athenaeum presenting their hands on workshop for teens teaching techniques and skills used by improvisers to think quickly, boost confidence, and create hilarious scenes on the spot!

Free for students entering grades 6-12
For more information and to reserve your spot, please call a librarian 413-562-6158 ext.5

Facebook event.

Phantom Sheep will also be bringing a version of this program to the Agawam Library on August 7th!
Ko Festival of Performance Workshop:

July 30  – August 4, 2018

Theatre is about what happens at the edge: the edge of what is known, what is conscious, and what is expected. In this workshop you give yourself permission to take creative risks, delve deeply into the story within you that “must be told” in order to create theatre from your deepest concerns – all in a safe and supportive setting.

We will use voice work, movement, journaling, improvisation and guided fantasy to discover our personal, mythic, and ancestral stories and to shape them into solo or ensemble performances.

All classes meet from 10 am - 4 pm on the Amherst College campus.

More information.
Happier Valley Comedy presents Forget Your Fear & Trust Your Truth: A Personal Growth Workshop for Women with Pam Victor
August 12 at 10:00 AM
Happier Valley Comedy Theater, 1 Mill Valley Rd, Hadley

Ready to disregard the hogwash that’s holding you back?
Would you like to get better at quieting your inner critic, so you can amplify your truth?
Ready to be braver about standing up to authority and authentically speaking your mind?
Would you like to connect mindfully with a group of supportive women who are on (and by) your side? 
Do you need more play in your life?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, then
treat yourself to a day of self-care and empowerment on Sunday, August 12! 

"Forget Your Fear & Trust Your Truth" is a three-hour workshop packed with learning and laughter, community and connection, mindfulness and manifesting, trust and truth.

This workshop provides you with game-changing tools to bolster these skills in a supportive, judgment-free community of women using fun and active improv exercises to help you gain courage to flip off your fear and trust your truth because

This workshop is part of the "Females Unleashing Courage, Knowledge, Individuality, and Truth Program" which facilitates powerful learning experiences through easy-to-learn, non-performance improv training exercises. Most improv exercises are completed in a circle or pairs; participants are never forced to be “on stage.” Pam Victor's superpower is making sure all people along the introvert-extrovert spectrum feel successful and have a blast with the THROUGH LAUGHTER workshops. Throughout the workshop, you'll have opportunities for
both private reflection and focused sharing of your experiences and knowledge in a positive, judgment-free community of women who are there to lift each other up. Let's grow stronger together! 

No improv (or other) experience necessary.
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